Occurrence record: BC-Lichenotheca:BC-Lichenotheca-953324

PreservedSpecimen of Trapelia coarctata recorded on 1910


Data partner GBIF ES IPT
Data resource Institut Botanic de Barcelona (IBB-CSIC-ICUB), BC-Lichen
Institution code Institut Botànic de Barcelona (CSIC - Ajuntament de Barcelona)
Supplied institution code "BC"
Collection code Herbario BC, Instituto Botánico de Barcelona
Catalog number BC-Lichenotheca-953324
Occurrence ID AB9B3D92-8C69-4A38-ADF3-AB523FB67D64
Basis of record Muestra preservada
Preparations Herbarium specimen
Collector Kuták, V.
Supplied as "V. Kuták"
License CC-BY-NC
Field notes V. Kuták: Lichenes Bohemiae
Field number 62
Dataset name Institut Botanic de Barcelona (IBB-CSIC-ICUB), BC-Lichen
Occurrence status present
Dataset ID 6aeebd1a-c3ad-4bc5-bdfe-24de0e2e9052
Institution ID 6f3ccc65-0a54-4e65-ae7e-13b92d618e7c
Collection code BC-Lichenotheca
Abcd identification qualifier Not provided
Identification remarks Stored under name


Field number 62
Identification remarks Stored under name
Collecting date 1910
Supplied as year:1910 
Date precision Day


Scientific name Trapelia coarctata
Supplied scientific name "Trapelia coarctata (Turner ex Sm.) M.Choisy"
Taxon rank species
Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Ascomycota
Clase Lecanoromycetes
Order Baeomycetales
Supplied as "Agyriales"
Family Trapeliaceae
Supplied as "Agyriaceae"
Genus Trapelia
Species Trapelia coarctata
Taxonomic issue Sin errores
Name match metric Canonical name match
El nombre proporcionado fue separado en forma canónica antes de ser encontrada una coincidencia.
Name parse type wellformed
Scientific name authorship (Turner ex Sm.) M.Choisy


Country Czech Republic
Supplied as "Czechia"
Locality Úpice
Supplied as "Na pískovci"
Field notes V. Kuták: Lichenes Bohemiae
Country code CZ

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